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garage door sensor repair van nuys ca

Garage Door Sensor Repair Van Nuys, Ca

garage door sensor repair van nuys ca

Count on a First-Class Company Specialized in Garage Door Sensor Repair Van Nuys Services

garage door sensor repair van nuys ca In order to keep your garage door fully functional and in excellent condition, you must address any flaws affecting the operability of its key components. For instance, garage door sensors are extremely important devices designed to prevent your garage door from hitting objects, pets, or people positioned in the doorway. Van Nuys Fast Garage Door Repair is licensed & insured. All our techs are expertly trained, certified, background checked for your garage door sensor repair van nuys. Call today!

Light blinking and unaligned sensors represent two common issues that we are familiar with. In some cases, the sensors can go bad and stop your garage door from closing. At Van Nuys Garage Door Repair, we have the skills, tools, and experience that any of these garage door sensor repair van nuys projects would require.

Why Count on Professional Services?

Sometimes, fixing problematic garage door sensors is an easy task revolving around proper adjustment and cleaning. In this case, our technicians could start by removing cobwebs, dust, or debris from electric eye lenses located on each sensor using a soft, clean rag. If this simple action doesn’t do the trick, they may have to adjust your sensors by loosening the tiny nuts holding the sensors, using an adjustable wrench.

Usually, these components have to be loosened enough so that your sensors could be easily moved manually while still facing each other. Next, the sensors should be adjusted by hand until the red or green lights are properly illuminated; these lights indicate that the electrical eyes of your system are perfectly aligned. After tightening all the nuts, our garage door sensor repair specialists will see whether or not your garage door opens and closes normally. If it doesn’t, they may have to continue the process by troubleshooting the entire electrical circuit. Electronic keypad & Lock.

Top-Notch Garage Door Sensor Repair Services Are Just a Call Away

Instead of working with several components that you can’t diagnose and fix on your own, wouldn’t you rather save time and money by letting an expert do the heavy lifting? Book an appointment with our technicians online, discover the affordable garage door sensor repair services that could bring your safety eyes to their original condition, and profit from our lowest-price guarantee and highest product quality standards.